inspection & testing

O.E.M. Spectrometer

RATNADEEP have Optical Emersion Metallurgical Spectrometer which is used for in-house product analysis.
O.E.M. Spectrometer is working on Spark Emersion principal.
It can measure upto 32 elements and gives the result of any sample within 45 seconds.
O.E.M. gives us very fast & highly accurate results.

Eddy Current Test

This is the non destructive test carried out to detect the surface defect / Pin Holes on the outside diameter or inside diameter of the tube.

Ultrasonic Test

A high speed “Rotating Transducer” ultrasonic tube testing system operates in pulse-echo mode. Water immersion coupling is used for adequate and positive coupling of sound energy. A multi channel ultrasonic processing is used for detection and recording of volumetric defect in tubes in longitudinal and transverse direction.

Hydrostatic Test

100% Hydrostatic Test is carried out on finished tubes / pipes to check the tube for any leakage under elevated hydraulic water pressure as per specification or customer requirement..

Air Under Water (Pneumatic) Test

Pneumatic Test is carried out to check any leakage in the tube by air pressure under water.

PMI Test

Oxford Instruments make X-MET 5000 XRF analyser for PMI and Quality Control / Assurance.

Tensile Test

This is the destructive test carried out to obtain the mechanical test values of finished products.

Hardness Testing

Hardness tester is used for measuring hardness values of Tubes & Pipes.

Flaring & Flange Test

Flaring test is carried out to check ductility of the material & Flange test is carried out to check the material under deformation.


Flattening test is carried out to check the material under compression.

Reverse Bending

Reverse Bend Test is done to test the welding strength of Welded Tubes / pipes.

Microstructure Analysis

This test involves grain structure examination as per specification.

Special Tests

IGC Pr A, E & C Test are Carried out.

Surface Roughness Tester

Test is carried out for measuring roughness upto 350 / µm. (Make Mitutoyo SJ-301, Japan.)

Visual & Dimension Inspection

Inspection is carried out to detect any Dents, Surface Defect or Scratch on the surface of Tube. The Dimensional Inspection is carried out with calibrated Measuring Instruments for product dimensions are within tolerance requirements.

Dye Penetrant Test

Dye Penetrant test is carried out on bend portion to detect cracks, flaws or any type of defects.